Rockshop Quarry Products | Avondale, Pukekohe, Ardmore, Patetonga


Environment friendly process

Rockshop Quarry Products is a transitional facility for disposing of Cleanfill which has no adverse effect on the environment.

We accept domestic trailers (single and tandem axle), 4 wheeler trucks (small and large), 6 and 8 wheeler trucks. Our trucks consisting of 4 wheelers, 6 wheelers, 8 wheelers and Truck and Trailers also provide a pick up service on-site for cleanfill.

We accept the following types of cleanfill.

  • Grade A – definition – clean material dry topsoil /clay/ aggregate
  • Grade B – definition – Mixed and / or damp material topsoil / clay / aggregate / small amount of concrete.

We do not accept the following material in loads:

  • Mud, Slop or large loads of concrete
  • Green waste
  • Plastic, Timber
  • Household waste, demolition waste