Rockshop Quarry Products | Avondale, Pukekohe, Ardmore, Patetonga


We offer an extensive range of aggregate products and topsoil providing fast and efficient service either directly from our yards or delivery via our company owned transport division of 50+ trucks. Rockshop Quarry Products is a trusted supplier providing solutions for road, rail, residential, commercial and infrastructure sectors. The range of quality aggregates we provide are Map, Gap, ATAP, TNZ, Brown Rubble (SPR, ROP), Builders Mix, Cement, Sand, Drainage, Sealing Chip, Gabion Rock, Boulders and Screened Topsoil. Our industry experience and product offering can meet all your needs. If we don’t have the product in stock that you need we will do our very best to ensure we provide you with a solution.
GAP 100 non spec
100mm All in
Gap 7/10 non spec
7mm & 10mm all in
MAP 65 non spec (Brown)
65mm All in
MAP 40 non spec (Brown)
40mm All in
ATAP 20 spec (Blue)
20mm All in
ATAP 40 spec (Blue)
40mm All in
ATAP 65 spec (Blue)
65mm All in
TNZ M/4 AP 40 spec
40mm All in
Brown Rubble SPR
150mm All in
Builders Mix
20mm All in
20kg Bag
Env 1000 Sand
Washed Sand
Drainage Metal
Drainage Metal
Drainage Metal
Drainage Metal
Sealing Chip Grade 2
PSC 20mm
Sealing Chip Grade 3
PSC 16mm
Sealing Chip Grade 4
PSC 12.5mm
Sealing Chip Grade 5
PSC 7mm
Sealing Chip Grade 6
PSC 5mm
Gabion Rock
250 – 100mm
Boulder Spalls
250 – 500mm

Gap 20 non spec
20mm All in
Gap 40 non spec
40mm All in
Gap 65 non spec
65mm All in
No. 1 Sand

No. 3 Sand


WAP 12